Just like we want our customer organizations to succeed by bringing together smart people and smart tools, we want the same for us.

We are in the business of building productivity tools for professional teams.  Teams are global, on the go, and consist of people with different skills, roles and personalities.  Building tools to make them extremely productive requires deep business knowledge, awesome user experience and effective employment of the latest, most promising, web and collaboration technologies.  We are looking for startup minded folks in each of these areas!

Developers, if client side MVC, Javascript on the server, web sockets, web storage, document oriented and deductive databases, full text search, high scalability, high availability etc. enthuse you, ping us.

UX developers / designers, if the idea of bringing social/consumer app usability to enterprise apps flutters the synapses between your left and right brain, share that vibe with us.

Functional experts, if you share the vision of turbo charging the process of taking a fashion design inspiration to line development in a backdrop of social marketing and global sourcing, connect with us.
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